Chester County, PA – Event Lighting

Wedding Pathway Lighting

We worked with a local wedding contractor to design beautifully-lit pathways at the venue of a high-profile client’s wedding.

The assignment?

Provide a lighting design that creates a tasteful and romantic glow along the pathways throughout the venue. We were also asked to ensure that the lighting would fit organically into the couple’s wedding theme.

The solution?

We provided three unique and stunning design options to the client. We wanted to make sure that the plans not only fit the wedding theme but showed the couple ideas and styles that they might not have envisioned – making sure that they truly got the perfect look and mood for their wedding day.

Best of all?

The highlight of the project was the photos of the happy couple walking along the pathways. And while we’re very proud of how the lighting looked, we must admit that the radiance of the newlyweds is what shined brightest.