The Green Foundry Difference

Expert Product Knowledge

Our willingness and commitment to sharing our in-depth knowledge of outdoor lighting, fire pit landscaping, and living supplies with our customers is truly our strongest offering.

When it comes to supplying our products, we continue to work with and educate our partners along every step of their project journey:

Product Selection:

We not only take the time to fully understand your project and make recommendations, we take the time to explain the ins and outs of every product you’re interested in. We do so out of our commitment to you and to ourselves. For you, we do it to ensure that you’re getting the 100%, absolutely-right products for your project’s purpose, scale, style, and budget. For ourselves, we do it so that we can come to work every day knowing we run an honest business.

Product Delivery:

We do so much more than back a truck full of your order into your business space or project site. We’ll stick around to help you unpack the items, assure that everything arrived as ordered, and answer any preliminary questions you or your client may have.

Product Installation:

When you talk to a current or past Green Foundry client, our unique approach to product installation is likely one of the first things they’ll bring up. As absolute experts in our products and their functionality, we just so happen to be experts in their installation. We’re available via phone and even follow-up site visits to ensure that everything is working properly and is installed up to your standards.

Product Maintenance:

We believe that a project being finished doesn’t mean that our client relationship is over – once a partner, always a partner. If a maintenance question ever comes up regarding a Green Foundry product, our phone lines, email inboxes, and office doors are always open.