Monmouth County, NJ – Residential Install

Alluring Lighting, Heightened Security

We received a request from a contractor to help execute a lighting plan for their client. The home was in New Jersey, but because the homeowner spent much of his time in Florida, the lighting was as much for security purposes as it was for aesthetics. We took on this project without hesitation, knowing just what it would take to deliver exactly what was needed.

The assignment?

The client wanted to illuminate the entire homestead from the incredibly tall trees surrounding his property, specifically using moon lighting. And, again, the ask was to not only make it look good but to ensure the lighting was bright enough to act as a security measure for his often-vacant home.

The solution?

Green Foundry worked with our partner contractor to find the products and approach that would deliver on every aspect of this request.  We also went above and beyond in helping with the actual execution – providing tree climbers and electricians to ensure the contractor had a safe installation.

Best of all?

This was a very smooth process and it helped to strengthen our relationship with our client. They especially appreciated our assistance and expertise throughout the installation phase, as working with lighting at such heights is an extensive process that truly requires all hands on deck.