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There’s something that’s truly alluring about moon lighting. It casts an ethereal feeling over the entire property – one that guests love to bask in and neighbors and passerby look at in awe and appreciation. But, moon lighting can also be a tough lighting design to execute and maintain. That’s why we only provide our partners with moon light options that are incredibly durable, long-lasting, and engineered for the simplest installation possible. Because these lighting fixtures aren’t exactly convenient to get to for repairs, maintenance, or replacements. You need products that’ll help you get it right and get it done on the first shot.

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Our commitment to selling only the highest-quality products means we’re incredibly selective of the brands we carry and companies we work with. From manufacturer warranties, customer reviews, and industry reputation to company values and brand liaison relationships, we exhaustively research a wide variety of factors before choosing to partner with a brand. It’s a lot of upfront work for us, but it means less work and worry for you in the end. And that’s what matters most to us.




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