Villanova, PA – Residential Install

Lighting for Both Beauty and Safety

We were asked to work with a top contractor who was working for quite the high-profile client. Eager for and up to the challenge, we accepted the assignment. Committed to being a truly strategic partner, we worked with and communicated with the contractor and client regularly and at a very detailed level. From consulting on design, to the curation of well-crafted and high-end products, to guidance on the installation, we helped ensure the perfect execution of the client’s vision.

The assignment?

To not only turn the client’s long dark driveway and front yard into only a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing introduction to the estate, but to consider the client’s safety and privacy as the number one priority.

The solution?

We specified the installation of six 16w LED wall wash as down light/moonlight up in pear trees along the perimeter of the driveway. This ensured that the driveway was well lit, but also created an enchanting effect around the estate. We also created a lighting scheme to highlight the house using uplighting, which accentuated the beautiful stone work of the façade.

Best of all?

We helped our contractor partner to exceed the client’s expectations – building yet another strong Green Foundry relationship.