Wayne, PA – Residential Install

Artistic and Functional Design

A local contractor contacted Green Foundry to not only supply lighting fixtures but to take the lead in designing an intricate lighting plan – one that struck a delicate and hard-to-achieve balance of functional and artistic. We went on two site visits with the contractor and homeowner before we even began the design phase. That’s just how committed we were to delivering the perfect plan.

The assignment?

Light the home in a dramatic, yet tasteful way. The homeowner wanted the property to really stand out for its beauty, while also allowing the lighting to be artistic in and of itself.

The solution?

Hearing the homeowner’s request, we knew that a meticulously thought-out lighting plan would be integral to this project’s success. Too little light wouldn’t feature the home’s beautiful details enough and would fail to deliver on the request for “drama”. Too much light and the home would be overshadowed by the sheer brightness and the style would not be seen as tasteful. It was a tough balance to strike. And we delivered three rounds of design revisions to ensure it was absolutely perfect.

Best of all?

Through all of the home visits and rounds of redesigns, we established a very strong relationship with our contractor partner as well as the homeowner. As a team, we were all committed to perfecting the plan. And that sense of teamwork made this project an exceptionally fun one.