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A New Landscape for Green Industry Professionals


What We Do

First we offer specialized, high-quality products for outdoor lighting and fire-pit design. Then we stick with you and your project until the end. That’s what makes us different.

Why We Do It

We’re incredibly passionate about the outdoor contracting industry and saw an opportunity to really change the supplier-contractor relationship.

How We Do It

We do it through building a relationship. Getting to know our partners as individuals is just as important as learning about their project and budget.

Who We Work With

Industry professionals who want a strategic partner – from high end landscape contractors, to electrical contractors, to commercial and residential builders.




Not A One-Stop Shop.

The Specialized Partner You Need.

We’re the opposite of those big distributors with massive, impersonal stores and employees wearing nametags. We’re a small company that’s here to change the way you think about traditional landscape lighting and outdoor living supply distributors. We’re here to bring you more personal service, premium offerings, and cost-effective solutions.

Before we became distributors, we were professionals in the field. We know firsthand what you go through and what you need – and that means doing more than providing products.

We see ourselves as a strategic partner. For some of our customers, that means helping them find the perfect products and materials, and then delivering them to their office or worksite. But for many, it means sticking with you throughout the entire process of your project, answering any and all questions about the products, design, and installation. Sometimes we even show up to help out and get our hands dirty. Because it just feels good to get back into the field sometimes!

As for our products? As a smaller, more specialized company, we’re able to truly curate our offerings. We see it, touch it, and test it out. When you see a product in our portfolio, know that we not only would put it in our own yards, we’d recommend it to our neighbors. That’s why you’ll find such fine-crafted and unique pieces within the pages of this website.

The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals in Philadelphia, PA


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New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina 


Partners in Profit

We say it all the time. Green Foundry is more than a vendor, we’re a partner. Which is why we’re committed to help make our contracting partners more profitable. How do we do that? We collect as much data from our projects as possible in order to help our partners identify what works and what doesn’t – and to show what a difference Green Foundry can make. 

For example, we’ve found that the average medium sized contracting company spends almost $2000 a year in unproductive man hours by sending crews in for costly counter visits to local suppliers. At Green Foundry, we eliminate those wasted hours and funds because we ensure your product is always delivered to you, at no additional cost. Not only is that convenient, it keeps your crew out in the field, doing what they do best.

We’ve also found that working with Green Foundry has other significant profit impact:

  • 21% time-savings for project spec and ordering, resulting in an average savings of $5,300 over a two-year period
  • 15% increase in productivity of your install team thanks to Green Foundry mapping out the installs, resulting in an average saving of over $17,000 over a two-year perio
  • 30% increase in profit by Green Foundry helping you to add lighting and firescaping into every design, resulting in additional revenue of $182,000 over a two-year period 

*These stats were taken from one consistent customer over a two-year period.


A High-Profile Project

We worked with a top contractor to exceed the expectations of a prominent client and property.

Helping Partners Grow

We helped our contractor partner deliver their first lighting design job, educating them about the process every step of the way.

An Unconventional Project

We created a trade show display with unique and stand out lighting that was both easy to transport and simple to assemble.


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